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Drives Shading for Conservatories House and Garden, Gate Drives
Manufacturer of sun protection systems , conservatory and shading Modern sun protection technology, please visit our online shop awnings

Cheap Sun Protection from Motorline awnings Shop

Exclusive living with a cheap cassette awnings with electric Volant
Unsere Tophits von Markisenservice Thomas Zimmermann
Volant awning , including Suns , - rain - wind sensor Better Living at Home and Garden, with a  Motorline Cassette Awning Favorable Cassette Awnings, shipped directly at Awning Manufactor
Motorline Professional
COFRE 600 Awning with Volant

Electric cassette awnings with engine and flounce, more favourably bought in the awning shop. Awnings from - Brand awnings for demanding and money saving ones. Flounce with radio-controlled motor. Compare the prices of our cassette awnings with electric flounce in the Motorline shop
Motorline Professional
COFRE 136 Cassette Awning

A cassette awning is the right choice when you wish maximum protection for your awning. The cloth and the whole arm mechanics camp down well-wornly in an around closed cassette. Including emergency crank / folding crank by stream failure. Awning offers and awning bargains 
Motorline Professional
COFRE 260 Cassettenmarkise

Electric cassette awning, online acquireable in our awning shop. Buy awnings for affordable prices in our Motorline shop in Duisburg. Make the prize comparison in our shop. Thanks to the emergency crank your solar protection can be used by hand when the stream fails.
Looking for an awning with Volant , from the awning manufacturer ? Motorline Cassette XXL Awning Cofre 600 Folding Arm Awning Monobloco 300 | Awnings und Drives from Motorline Shop
Motorline Professional
COFRE 260 Volant Awning

Directly from the awning manufacturer, to your home delivered. Low purchase prices enables you to shop more favourably.In our Motorline shop you buy your awnings directly from the awning manufacturer, therefore you can profit beside an incredibly generous awning assortment also from especially favorable prices.
Motorline Professional
COFRE 600 XXL Cassette Awning

Our awnings pass every prize comparison. Tailor-made solutions for your cassettes awning. In German state kind, laid out for an extremely long life span. Our principle choose quality before quantity, because a good high-class awning will accompany you for decades. 
Motorline Professional
MONO 300 Gelenkarmmarkise

Nice living with cost-effective, electric articulated arm awnings. Articulated arm awning on customised production is possible. is a true goldmine for people who think highly of high-quality and lasting quality, but also want to save their money.
Motorline Mono 600 Folding Arm Awning | Screening with a folding arm awnings cheap articulated arm awning monobloco 5000 and Door Drives Cheap Drop Arm Awning Punto Recto from Motorline Shop
Motorline Professional
MONO 600 Articulated Arm Awnings

Order electric awnings with engine ex works. You can here choose your suitable awning from our big inexpensive awnings model overview.
Motorline Professional
MONO 5000 Articulated Arm Awnings

Inexpensive solar protection by impulse with engine and radio hand transmitter. Terrace roof with an reasonable awning.  
Motorline Professional
PUNTO RECTO Drop Arm Awning

Solar protection for your house, Bistro, cafe, hotels and offices. Drop arm awnings montage, everywhere in Germany from the specialist supplier.
Motorline Door Opener, Swing Gate Opener Lince 400 Motorline Control Becker tubular motors / Becker awnings Repair Motorline Tubular Motor TUB70MT-67 for Cofre/Exclusiv-Home Awnings EH6100, EH6400
Motorline Professional
Swing Gate Opener Typ: Lince 400

Lince 400 (Suitable per swing gate up to 3 meters) with Control Motorline MC2, Photocells MF1/MF101, 2 x Transmitter MX4SP
Motorline Professional
Awnings Controls LRS2232

Awnings Controls LRS2232 for Exclusiv-Home Awnings to construction year end of 2009. We also run the conservatory control MC8000. 
Motorline Professional
Awning Tubular Motor TUB70MT-67

TUB70MT-67 for Cofre / Exclusiv Home awnings , Tubular Motor 40 Nm , with Curtain length.
Motorline Wiweather Sparks Wind,- Rain and Suns Guard Conservatory awnings radio controlled tubular motor The entire house technology under control with the Iphone
Motorline Professional
Weather Station

Wireless radio transmission
, Awnings Spare Parts From Dealer.
Also For Exclusiv-Home Markisen
EH6100, EH6400, EH7100 and EH8000.
Conservatory Shading Varanda
Heat protection and glare protection,
for your Conservatory Shading.
Electric, with remote control
To assemble as interior shading and exterior shading.
Domus Box Home Automation
Intelligent living in a comfortable house with a building automation and home automation and home control.
Motorline tubular motor kit for former Exclusive Home awning to 2009 Cortina Vertical Exterior blind , especially for areas like balconies Heaters for terraces and balconies
Motorline Professional
Awning Tubular Motor Kit

Awnings Conversion Kit
for Exclusiv-Home Awnings until the end of 2009
Motorline Professional
Cortina Vertical External Blinds

Blinds with housing with rails up to 2500 mm x 3000 mm Rising 
Halogen Heater
Crown Verity CV-EH-1500

Versatile and cheap heater
for home, garden and living
Buy Pergola awning with 4 columns cheaper bought BeamerLift ceiling lift projector lift low To replace the awnings Logic Boards, EH6100 , EH6400 , EH7100 from Exclusiv-Home
Motorline Professional
Pergola Awnings

Pergolaawning detached with 4 columns
Discover our electric Pergola Awning, wind-resistant , in many sizes and configurations.
Projector Ceiling Lift - Beamerlift at low prices in online shop.
Projector Lift

Projector Ceiling Projector Lift 80 HUB
Absolute top product.
Made in Germany.
Motorline Professional
MC6000 Awning Control, Logic Board

Awning control for Exclusive Home awning : EH6400 , EH6100 , EH7100
THE original of Motorline Professional. Easy replacement for anyone.

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Owner: Thomas Zimmermann, Am Tellmannshof 14, 47167 Duisburg

Motorline Professional Online Shop, Stockist for favorable Door Drives and favorable Sun Protection.

Exclusive Home awning repair and awnings Parts

Interested Shipping Directly from awning manufacturer.

Installation of sun protection systems , from our online shop.

  • The awning service Thomas Zimmermann is your experienced contact for awnings and awning control. In our awning shop / awnings Onlineshop you can buy your awning online and comfortably deliver it to your home. Our service enclose the sales and the montage of awnings and conservatory shadowing as well as service and repair of Exclusiv-Home awnings and burglary protection at window and doors.

    In our awning shop / awnings Onlineshop you can buy awning controls and awnings online and find, besides, a big choice in products all around the house technology. From automatic window impulses and glass-sliding door openers about Beamer lifts and electronic barriers up to wing gate impulses, garage gate impulses and other electronics reaches our offer.

    We stand for high-quality products to an attractive price-perfomance ratio as well as comprehensive customer service. Profit from our long-standing experience as well as our know-how and convince yourselfe of our big product offer and service offer.

    Awnings montage

    If you buy your awning online, we also offer you the professional awning assembly with pleasure. If you want to enjoy your time on the balcony or the terrace lighthearted, an awning is the right choice. It acts as a light, view and heat insulation and, besides, offers still attractive optics. Instruct us with the expert awning assembly and convince yourselves of our comprehensive service.

    Awning control

    You can buy not only your awning online, you also find spare parts as well as a practical awnings control in our awning shop / awnings Onlineshop. An awnings control can also be build in afterwards fast and simply and it nevertheless offers you the highest ease of use for your awning. The automatic length compensation system of the awning control provides, by his torque shut-off the fact that the awning closes any time to 100 percent. Also the shortening of the awning cloth by effect of the weather is compensated by the engine of the awnings control.

    Shop spare parts for awnings online

    In our awning shop / awnings Onlineshop you can also buy spare parts for awnings. Whether awning impulse, hand transmitter or awnings control, we make you an extensive offer.

  • I was a many years freelance employee of the company Exclusiv Home and am specified on the awning products EH6100, EH6400, EH7100 as well as the conservatory shadowing / conservatory awning EH8100. I procure you the awning control, conservatory control, as well as all the other parts for the awnings: EH6100, EH6400, EH7100 and construction year EH8100 2010 - in 2013. I also procure you the suitable engines as well as the suitable controls for the awnings of 2006 - in the beginning of 2010. I also repair these awnings, so that you can keep on enjoying your solar protection. Rebuilding on engines with emergency crank is NOW possible with the awnings of 2006 - in the beginning of 2010. No more uncouple and disassemble of the awning by failure of the inside-recumbent control nessecary. Save immense COSTS and expenditure, and it is more reasonable than an original engine without emergency crank.
  • Our awnings are equipped with high-quality acrylic awning cloths / solar protection textiles from the company Sauleda. The company Sauleda SA is the fourth largest manufacturers enterprise of awning materials in Europe. It was founded in 1897.

    Because of the permanent solar irradiation the material of your awning has faded ?

    Our cloths have the following qualities:

    High UV protection
    High stability and resistance to tearing
    The best possible light permanence
    Are waterproof
    Are dirty-unfriendly
    Are resistant to rotting
    Inspire yourselves by our gigantic choice in awning materials
    Rolled up on the cloth wave and protected by the full cassette, your cloth remains clean and cultivated
  • In our assortment you can find 10 different Motorline professional awnings models:

  • The articulated arm awning Monobloco 300 is a functional and classical open articulated arm awning, simply in the design. It is thought for all those customers who search for functionality and an inexpensive awning. With the awning Monobloco 600 you receive a articulated arm awning with an outlay up to 4000 mm.
    If this is not enough, we offer you the Monobloco 5000 awning, with a sensational outlay of 5000mm. Our cassette awning is called Cofre 136. A safe and favorable awning from Motorline professional. Cofre 136 - with only 15,8cm height and a modern and elegant case. For customers who wish a cheap cassette awning, we offer our well-tried Cofre 260 awnings, the classic one. Its outlay can be up to 3500 mm. Cofre 260 flounces, a modern flounce awning, favourably and functionally, the sun has no more chance. The Demanding customers we offer our Deluxe cassettes Cofre 600 and Cofre 600 flounces, these are the highest-quality cassette awnings which the market has to offer. Robustly, elegantly, solidly and thought-out till the last detail.

  • Punto recto, means translated: On point. We bring it on point with a pergola awning. You have the choice between two models Variations. The first variation can be fastened to the cover or on the wall and the second variation is freestanding. With the first variation for cover and wall connection, you have the choice between free-hanging, like an awning or supported with 2 columns in the front. You can select the awning cloth in our column CLOTH PATTERN FOR SHADOWINGS AND AWNINGS. Suitable for the terrace or the balcony. Under itself it creates a safe space: Who stays here, is protected against solar irradiation, rain and dirt.According to demand the awning cloth can be rolled up or rolled out mechanically or by hand. Pergolas are an ingenious combination of terrace folding roof and awning. For balcony as well as as a terrace roof they are used as a view protection. In the assortment of the awning manufacturer, suitable awning variations to the most different assemblies can be found. The pergola-like awning construction with extreme stability and a special atmosphere is convincing, and thus becomes fast a popular place of residence with your terrace or balcony.

  • Für Gewerbetreibende bieten wir unsere Puncto Recto Fallarmmarkisen, chick im Design und
    funktionell obendrein.
  • Alle Markisen sind elektrisch per Funk zu bedienen.

  • For businessmen we offer our Puncto Recto drop arm awnings, chic in the design andfunctionally in addition. All awnings are steered on radio

  • For our awnings we use only Teflon coated cloth materials of a famous manufacturer. We have more than 200 different materials for you. The quality or longevity of our awning cloths is especially important to us.

  • For the case of the awnings you are able to choose beside the standard tone white, also from the Colour assortment RAL. You can choose between 211 different tones.
  • Short delivery times, by dispatch from awning manufacturer, directly to your home. No intermediate trade. Awning distribution in high-quality quality and equipment directly from the awning manufacturer.

  • Everything from a hand, awnings consultation, awnings sales and assembly of awnings.

  • However, make yourselves your own picture of which of these 9 awning models your new awning should become.

  • Again in the programme, many-sided and favorable heating emitter EH1500 with 1500 watts of achievement. Original like Exclusiv-Home.

Exclusiv-Home was an awning manufacturer with own awning construction as well as own awning shop and sold inexpensive heating emitters, cassette awnings and drop arm awnings for the creation of the terraces. Solar protection as well as solar protection systems were the main business of the house and online shop. Who searched for drop arm awnings, an inexpensive cassette awning, awning with flounce or conservatory shadowing found it there also for their own conservatory. One could buy high-quality pergola awnings as well as case arm awnings and also cassette awnings, pergola awnings, joint arm awnings shop at reasonable prices. Highlight of the awnings shop was the flounce awning with solar protection as well as XXL awnings EH6400. There were awning spare parts for the joint arm awning as well as other awnings and one could also order an awning repair there. Wing gate opener, video projector cover lift, made the company Exclusiv Home so high-quality. You could not buy a video projector as well as gate impulses, because the company was no gate impulses shop, but they made a video projector lift or video projector cover lift as well as an electric concealable pile in own regie. Exclusiv-Home was always a winner in the prize comparison.

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